Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family vineyard tour

Last weekend we had the delight of hosting a few beloved family members at the vineyard for a brief tour.

We started the way any self-respecting Texan would: with a tailgate party. Featured were Texas wines made from several of the grape varieties we grow, including viognier, sangiovese, tempranillo and muscato giallo. (The wines were not made from our actual grapes, of course--just from some of the same varieties we're growing. We're still two to three years out from any wines made with BSV grapes.)

The sand served as our dump bucket.

The dogs were especially intrigued but were not allowed to imbibe.

After wine and cheese we played with guns. Always a good idea.

Any nearby deer hunters were inevitably peeved by our ruckus, but we had a most enjoyable time.

We did find a few minutes to actually tour the property and then it was back to the caliche mound for additional target practice. The afternoon ended all too quickly. John, Sara and John R., y'all come back soon!