Thursday, March 8, 2012

Deer fencing

The deer fencing continues around the vineyard. You can see it here, behind the bundles of t-posts:

And here:

There's still a ways to go on that project. But it reminds me we'll need to do a second deer fence around the new house if we ever want to nurture any sort of landscaping.

This beauty currently has me swooning. (Found in House Beautiful.) It never occurred to me before that deer fencing could actually be pretty to look at.

We'll just whip one right up. Along with some mature trees and immaculate green grass.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Plastic fiend part two

Nathan was able to get the plastic over the frame this past weekend. By himself, I might add. (I was out of town. And even when I am here I'm currently restricted to light duty.) That's the great news. 

What we discovered, however, is that with the weight of the plastic cover, the pvc skeleton cannot withstand the force of our 70 mph wind. Plan B is in the works.