Saturday, April 9, 2011

On tap for today


While Nathan is off farm auctioning, I will be discing. Why? Because I love my husband that much . . . that he gets to flea market and I get to tractor drive.

Apparently, there is such a thing as a feminist tractor. It's true: Big John likes me better than he likes Nathan. Take, for example, the air conditioner. It always works for me and never for Nathan. Too, Big John always starts for me first thing on a cold morning, but not for Nathan. Even his hydraulics work better for me. 

In this world of farming where I know nothing, where each day brings a whole new slew of firsts and steep learning curves, I'm going to milk this triumph of mine for all its worth. Even if I have no idea why it exists.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

One vine at a time

Each day the trellis system expands a few more rows. I'm told the process will take about a month to complete.

I can't tell you how impressed I am with these trellising and milk-cartoning and wiring crews. It's hot. It's been particularly windy this week. There's sand blowing in their eyes and ears, and gritty dirt in their teeth. And it's not like they can skip a vine or two should they get tired or frustrated.

Each t-post, each bamboo stick, each milk carton--they must all be properly installed and wired one at a time. If a vine was mis-spaced during planting, they fix that too. Then repeat 51,000 times.

Um, that's a seriously large task. I think my imaginary ADD would have kicked in by now and I'd be off chasing butterflies with Mayim. 

To you hard-working guys: Kudos. Your persistence and attention to detail are paying off. It's looking great! 

We now owe you some really big cookies.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My thrilling day

Before we can finish discing the field, the mesquite must be removed. Now for all you folks like me who don't know why, this is why:

The thorns. They can take out a tire at twenty paces. Trailer tire, disc tire, truck tire, pivot tire, tractor tire--it matters not. The thorns are gonna win.

So I spent my day driving (very carefully) through the field picking up mesquite. In 95 degree weather. With snake chaps on and .45 holstered. 

I was then rewarded with getting to unload the trailer full of mesquite into a big pile. In 95 degree weather. With snake chaps on and .45 holstered. 

What can I say. I lead a very exciting life. And I no longer have to go to the gym after work.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Aslan keeps wondering why we decided to farm at the beach.

I keep telling him we like a good challenge.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nathan's latest eye candy

The man loves his technical manuals.

My favorite is when he reads excerpts to me at bedtime. Those are the only nights I fall asleep before he does.