Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The carry-all

With the field officially deep broken, we moved our attention to collecting several pieces of recently acquired farm implements. Now we love Craigslist but transporting newly-purchased farm equipment is a wee bit more complicated than a few simple clicks on the Fedex website.

Hence the need for a carry-all. We've also heard it called a camel back. No doubt there are countless other terms for this rather large contraption Nathan introduced me to yesterday.

The carry-all--the red piece of equipment below--hooks to the back of a truck and can pick up wide pieces of machinery, toting them sideways down the highway.

With the carry-all hooked to a truck, you back it over the piece of equipment you want to haul. In this case we were picking up another mole board plow (the green thing), manually hoisting it up so it hangs securely . . . ish . . . for the ride home.

What never ceases to amaze me is (1) that Nathan knows about such things like carry-alls, including how to use them safely and efficiently, and (2) how stinkin long it takes to accomplish what appears to be a simple task.

After one disintegrated tire, two cans of fix-a-flat and an entire day of driving 45 mph back and forth on a foggy highway, we arrived home with the plow.

One implement down, three more to collect. Too bad there aren't any Starbucks out here.